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03.15.2016 - Addaero Solo now links with Strava. Connect your Strava account with Addaero Solo and all of your Strava activities will sync Addaero Solo. We have released new features for the Solo app. Track your races and events. View your week, month, and year distance, duration, and activity totals. Use the mobile app to plan, track, and analyze all of your health and fitness.
01.24.2016 - We have released a few new coach features for the iPhone and Android app. Athlete schedule view and activity feed. The goal, help our coaches manage and communicate with their athletes. Coaches use the Activity Fee to view results, comment, and give High5 to their athletes. Coaches view their athlete schedule, move workouts, and delete workouts. We realize our coaches are on the go and want access to Addaero Solo to be easy and without friction.
01.07.2016 - The Addaero Solo Athlete Activity Feed has been released for both Android and iPhone. The activity feed provides a communication tool for coaches, athletes, and group members, a way to post a comment on workout results and give high5s. It is a simple way to say connected and create community with coaches and peers from a mobile device.
10.01.2015 - Addaero Solo has moved from a paid monthly and annual subscription to free. There is no cost associated with using Addaero Solo for coaches, athletes, clubs and teams. Our vision is to democratize fitness, provide effective tools that are free, remove barriers, and improve the fitness experience.
08.03.2015 - Today we released new features for both the athlete and coach. iCal let’s our users link their Addaero Solo calendar with their personal calendar and sync workouts for 30 days. 5 new sports categories (basketball, tennis, lacrosse, volleyball, and soccer) have been added making it easier for coaches using Addaero Solo to build sport specific workouts. The Solo Performance Log provides in depth reporting on the athlete’s training results. Finally, we updated the workflow for adding an ad-hoc workout result. This reduced the process from 5 clicks to 2 clicks. Add workout results in seconds instead of minutes.
06.26.2015 - Coaches we recently rolled out a few new coaching tools to make scheduling more efficient and reduce the number of clicks it takes to add workouts to the athlete calendar. Adding workouts is now more efficient with “Edit Mode” - drop a workout on the calendar and it automatically opens so you can edit the planned values and title. We added a weekly load that is summarized by sports category and total, it is easier to see the athlete’s weekly load when scheduling. Finally, there are now 2 lines of metrics for each workout when you are in the weekly view. Much easier for the coach and athlete to understand the weekly totals and individual workouts without opening a workout. Our goal, continue to make the coaching process easier!
04.27.2015 - We are pleased to announce the release of the Addaero Solo Athlete Android App. Addaero Solo users an access their workouts from all IOS and Android devices. A Fast and Secure mobile app experience that helps athletes in all sports disciplines plan, track, and analyze their fitness. Addaero Solo athletes can seamlessly access and update their prescribed workouts from their desktop and mobile device. Available 24/7 using your existing Addaero Solo username and password. Download the Addaero Solo Athlete App in the Google Play Store.
04.02.2015 - Coaches, the opportunity to add coaches to your coaching group is now a reality using Addaero Solo. The Affiliate Coach feature for Addaero Solo was released today. Many Addaero Solo coaches share a similar problem - how to manage a growing client list without the resources to provide a premium experience. Addaero Solo Affiliate Coach lets you invite, manage, and assign athletes to coaches within your coaching group. This tool can help you manage your growing business and allow you to coach more clients than you can on your own. An affiliate coach account has the same tools and features of a regular coaching account and can connect with one or more coaching organizations.
01.27.2015 - We are pleased to announce the release of the Addaero Solo Athlete iPhone App. A Fast and Secure mobile app that helps athletes plan, track, and analyze their fitness. Addaero Solo athletes can seamlessly access and update their prescribed workouts from their desktop and mobile device. It is optimized for the iPhone and available 24/7 using your existing Addaero Solo username and password. Download the Addaero Solo Athlete App in the iTunes Store.
10.20.2014 - Today we released rock climbing specific templates for Addaero Solo. These templates give our climbing coaches the tools to build and incorporate route and bouldering workouts along with cardio and strength training.

Climbing functionality was a natural progression as we develop the Addaero Solo training platform to support multiple sport categories. Climbing groups have used Addaero Solo for years to provide strength & conditioning training. Adding rock climbing specific templates and reporting provides a comprehensive rock climbing software solution.

Team of 2 Climbing was a valuable partner throughout the entire development process. Their advice and consultation were instrumental in developing the route and bouldering templates for Addaero Solo.
08.03.2014 - We are pleased to announce the release of the second phase of the Addaero Solo Activity Feed which includes Group member interaction. Group members will have the option to review, comment, high5 other group members workout results as well as post messages to the group. Training for a triathlon, running race, cycling event? Are you a part of a fitness group at work? Are you working on your fitness? Using the Addaero Solo online training log gives you the opportunity to be part of a community and improve the fitness experience. Groups provide camaraderie, motivation and accountability all key ingredients to improving both health and fitness.
07.06.2014 - We are pleased to announce the release of the Addaero Solo Activity Feed. Coaches will have access to their athletes' fitness data in a single view that updates in real-time. This allows the coach to aggregate, analyze and engage with the athlete. Addaero Solo is the first coaching fitness software application to provide a comprehensive social engagement between the coach and athlete.
04.04.2014 - April 4, 2014 Today we deployed our largest release since Addaero Solo Beta was launched. Our goal; improve the Addaero Solo health and fitness platform with a focus on the "Workout Builder" and "Results Entry" user experience.

We collaborated with a select number of coaches and athletes during the planning and development stages to make sure our vision aligned with our users. Development took longer than planned but we are very pleased with the results. This process elicited a number of suggestions on additional ways to improve Addaero Solo. Each suggestion has been documented and will be discussed with our development team. Based on the number of quality suggestions received, we believe many will make a future release.

Changes to the Workout Builder
  • Add Training Zones to a workout
  • Build separate Warm-up, Workout, Cool-Down
  • Single & Multi-Step workouts
  • Templates for duration, distance, rounds, interval
  • No limit to exercise types
  • Create and save your own exercises
  • Workouts created in seconds instead of minutes
  • Filter workouts in your Catalog
  • Review our support site how to build a workout
  • Add "Coaches Notes" to workouts
Results Entry Highlights
  • Auto-Calculate workout results
  • Record "As Planned"
  • Faster results entry
  • Add results to single or block level workouts
  • Splits / Intervals / Laps
  • Link Garmin results to an exercise in a workout or an entire workout
  • Improved "Ad Hoc" results entry
  • Auto calculation of Training Zones
User Interface Upgrades
  • Mobile: easier to enter exercise and workout results
  • Updated workout and results email notifications
  • Workouts on calendar color coded to the activity
  • Hover over the activity for summary data
  • Exercise specific Icons
  • 1 Click Garmin Connect Access within results
  • Database with thousands of exercise
01.01.2014 - We are pleased to announce that on January 1st, 2014 Addaero Solo has moved from beta! With this change full account access will be based on monthly coaching subscriptions and yearly athlete subscriptions. Here is more information on our subscription pricing.
01.01.2014 - We have released a new version of Addaero Solo Mobile. This release includes a redesign of the user interface and new functionality. Please visit from the web browser of your mobile device.
09.01.2013 - Link your Garmin workouts to an existing workout on your Addaero Solo calendar. The process is simple, once your Addaero Solo account syncs with GarminConnect, link the Garmin data with an existing workout.
08.22.2013 - The ability to Move, Copy, and Delete a range of workouts has been the most requested feature since we released Addaero Solo. It is a huge time saver for a coach or group manager creating individual and group training plans and templates.

Previously, if you created an awesome six-month training plan for an athlete or group and wanted to use it for another athlete or group, it would need to be re-created from scratch. NOW, you can take the 6-month plan and move it to one or more athletes or groups in a few short steps.
08.02.2013 - Our friends at Withings recently released an Activity Tracker, the Withings Pulse. The Pulse allows you to track your steps, miles walked, elevation gained, and heart rate. The reviews for this device have been fantastic - Tech Crunch Articled. We are pleased to announce, Solo integrates with both the Withings Pulse and the Smart Body Analyzer Scale.
07.15.2013 - We released the first set of Free instructional strength and CrossFit videos. Videos can be viewed on Vimeo
07.08.2013 - Addaero Solo summary screens are released. When you login to Solo, you will be greeted with a summary of all of your health and fitness information. Highlights of the summary screen include - Fitness Data, Daily Health Data, Aggregate Health Data, Quick View, Overview of all of your fitness data... And more
05.22.2013 - Addaero Solo now synchronizes with Fitbit! The Addaero Team is pleased to announce that, with this integration, we have expanded the 3rd party data options available to Addaero Solo users. Addaero Solo users can automatically synchronize their fitness activity captured on a Fitbit Flex, One, and Zip to their Addaero Solo account. Full Story.
03.18.2013 - Addaero Solo Beta is released. Addaero improves the health and fitness experience with the Beta release of Addaero Solo. Addaero is delivering a widely available release of the web application packed with new features and a new user interface. Full Story
01.14.2013 - Addaero Solo Alpha release. the second generation of our online training log. The Alpha release is the first of many releases for the new Addaero application. Our decision for an Alpha release was simple, we wanted to get Addaero 2.0 in to the hands of our users. Full Story
January - The Addaero Store is open and sells running, cycling, and triathlon training plans. Full Story
I have been using Addaero Coach to coach my athletes for 6 years now. From the start, Addaero Coach did exactly what I needed. My athletes always appreciate the clean look, simplicity, efficiency, and reliability Addaero Coach provides. Now four years later, Addaero Coach is even faster with more functionality and has kept the same clean look, straighforwardness and reliability. Starting new athletes is seamless, they never even ask how to use the program; I just tell them where to go and how to log-on and they run with it. Not only does Addaero Coach improve my efficiency, it also improves my coach-athlete communication and quality of service.

Jared Berg | Pro-Triathlete, USA Triathlon Coach |
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